For Architects & Specifiers
High thermotechnical properties of the Warmex spacer make it possible to construct building objects in accordance with the energy saving requirements.

The Warmex spacer is the cost-efficient solution of not only the heat retaining issues, but also quality and aesthetics of a finished window.

Choosing the Warmex equipped windows, you chose quality and convenience to your customers, which are normally provided by the proper window.


New design and construction technologies have been increasingly related with energy saving. Everywhere in the world the construction norms and regulations make energy-saving requirements more severe.

Warmex allows to observe temperature of internal window surface in accordance with the requirements.


Polymer spacer’s heat conductivity is more than 1,200 times lower than that of the aluminum spacers. Due to this feature Warmex spacer protects a windows against risk of frost penetration and condensate accumulation.


Due to the low heat conductivity parameters the Warmex spacer maintains controlled environment inside a facility. Thus, building the window systems equipped with the warm spacer into your projects you also reduce future costs for heating during a cold period, or cooling during a hot period.


Today, windows are the integral part of the interior – they can be classical, luxury, elegant, or even challenging bright. More and more often we can see colored windows. One small and unusual solution can make a window block, or even the entire facility design – unique. It is possible to select a spacer and a window profile of the same color, or select a spacer with a contrast color. Wide variety of Warmex spacer color solutions can contribute to implementation of unique and customized projects.

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