For Homeowners
A warm spacer installed inside the insulating glass of your window retains heat inside your home, reduces heating costs, protects window against frost or condensate, and forma an aesthetic and attractive appearance of the window. 

Why a spacer is an important component of the window?

The spacer is placed inside the window profile, in the insulating glass unit. It significantly affects thermotechnical behavior of the window.

Spacers made from aluminum have high heat conduction thus, there are risks of frost penetration, icing and condensate formation on glasses.

The Warmex spacer is made from hi-grade polymer materials that do not let cold in, so the window does not suffer from frost penetration, or covering with ice or condensate. It retains heat inside the facility and reduces heating costs.

The Warmex spacer is the choice of today’s window customers who select reliable and aesthetic solutions, as well as know how to save money.

By selecting a window equipped with the Warmex warm spacer you obtain considerable profits at very low change in cost:

            Comfortable and warm home

Up to 40% of heat losses are within the windows area. Due to the low heat conduction, the Warmex spacer contributes to reduction of heat losses, and maintains comfortable environment indoors.


             Protection against weeping, condensate and icing

Thermotechnical parameters of the Warmex spacer provide windows protection against frost penetration and weeping.

             Energy and cost saving

Due to the low heat conduction, the Warmex spacer maintains comfortable climate inside a facility. That means reduction of costs for heating during a cold period, or cooling during a hot period.

             Beauty and aesthetics

It is a good look, when a spacer has the same color as the window profile! Wide variety of colors and sizes of the Warmex spacer makes you possible to find your own color or size, and implement any design ideas.


             Proven reliability for any climate

The Warmex spacer properties are proven in extreme conditions of the extreme temperature conditions of the Western Siberia (average winter temperature is 30° С (and regularly even – 40° ), and summer temperature is +25-40° С. 

             High quality

Features and properties of the Warmex spacers are confirmed by decisions and certificates issued by Russian and international institutions and laboratories.

Order your windows with the Warmex warm spacer, and be sure to receive warmness and comfort in your home!