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It is profitable and convenient to use Warmex products.

We offer transparent and attractive terms of cooperation, provide all types of support and technical servicing to our partners.  Our Company will become your reliable and stable supplier.

Improve your business, and earn more using our Warmex spacer!

The windows market continuously sets higher requirements to windows components. Today’s customer does not agree to get “no-matter-what” products. Even selecting among the least-cost variants the purchasers expect quality and compliance to certain requirements, as the aesthetics, heat retaining, reliability, and durability.

Warmex is a spacer manufactured using the “warm edge” technology that makes it possible to produce really hi-grade insulating glass units, and is a core element of a reliable thermal efficient window.  

Key advantages of using the Warmex spacer:

  • Provides heat and power saving
  • Protects against formation of weep, condensate, and icing of the glass
  • Provides aesthetics to the insulating glass and a finished window    

Why it is profitable and convenient to work with Warmex?

Quality product 

conforms to global standarts level

(confirmed by certificates)

Stable deliveries 

Our stock reserves provide timely

shipment in any volumes

Reliable and suitable package

Safe and aesthetic packing provides undamaged conditions

even in case of the far-distance shipping.

Wide product range

All popular sizes and colors, as well as

the components are in stock.

Marketing support and development

Assist sales, provide ad and demo materials,

perform training.

Profitable partnership

We offer a flexible pricing policy,

special terms for cooperation and dealership.

Please, contact us by any way convenient for you, and we will be glad to discuss possibilities of our mutually profitable cooperation:


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