For Windows Manufacturers
High quality of the Warmex spacer is the basis for the high quality of finished products.

Thermotechnical and operational properties of windows equipped with the warm spacer make it possible to establish an additional benefit for end users.

Introduction of insulating glass units equips with Warmex spacer will make it possible to:

  •  Enlarge your products line
  •  Create new types of heat retaining window systems
  •  Offer your clients unique hi-grade solutions
  •  Sell and earn more
  •  Attract more grateful customers

What are advantages of the windows with the Warmex spacer?


Customers’ demands to windows parameters including those related to the heat retaining have been growing permanently. Energy prices have been increasing either. Today, manufacturers of insulating glass units use a new generation spacer made from polymer materials with low heat conductivity to improve heat saving properties of window systems.

Due to use of insulating glass units with the Warmex spacer in your production you will be able to offer your clients unique and energy efficient solutions..



The  Warmex  spacer is manufactured using the ‘warm edge’ technology; it improves thermal insulating properties of an insulating glass unit within its edger-of-glass zones, and reduces risk of condensate formation or frost penetration. That means your clients will get a hi-grade clean window.



Window systems with a polymer spacer contribute to maintaining a comfortable environment inside facilities.  Accordingly, it requires less power resources for heating or cooling. Use of the  Warmex spacer-equipped insulating glass units provides costs saving, and aids in making projects conforming to the energy efficiency requirements.



A small but an important element of an insulating glass unit can change the window appearance significantly. Windows with a ‘warm’ spacer are clean and warm, just as the hi-grade windows should look like. Yet, that is not all. Variety in colors of the Warmex spacer makes it possible to create unique design combinations and solutions. You can choose a spacer and a window profile of the same color, or select contrast colors. Your clients will receive a window, which will satisfy their personal preferences.


КIt is obvious that customers always try to save money, and at the same time are willing to pay extra for plausible advantages. Using Warmex product you can get more grateful clients, increase your sales, and earn more money. 

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