Warmex Thermal CE

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Professional solution for production of energy-efficient insulating glass units. The spacer is made of quality polymer materials with metallized coating.

material: polymers
product samples: available upon request
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The spacer is characterized by well-defined deep perforation, providing unimpeded moisture pick-up by silicone gel.  Metallized layer protects from vapor permeability, thus enabling to confidently utilize Warmex when producing gas-filled insulating glass units.

Adhesion values to secondary joint sealant of Warmex spacer match with aluminium frame values. Taking into consideration physical properties of the frame it is possible to bend it using special equipment.

Adoption of Warmex warm spacer when producing insulating glass units does not incur any material expenses or fundamental changes in technological process.

Properties and quality of Warmex spacer are confirmed by findings and certificates of Russian and international laboratories, including International Institute For Window Technology – Rosenheim (ift Rosenheim, Germany).  

RAL 9016 (white), RAL 7035 (light brown), RAL 7040 (dark brown), RAL 8003 (brown), RAL 8017 (mahogany), RAL 9005 (black). 

Warmex spacer may be delivered on demand in any color spectrum according to RAL.

Using Warmex basic dimensions it is possible to produce insulating glass units of various width

Height: 7.5 mm. 

Width: 8.5 mm., 9.5 mm., 11.5 mm., 13.5 mm., 15.5 mm., 17.5 mm, 19.5 mm., 21.5 mm., 23.5 mm.

Wall thickness: 1 mm. 

Warmex spacer is stocked with connecting angles of various colors and configurations (for gas-filling, with and without holes).

Universal connection angles
For gas-filling without holes
For gas-filling with holes

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