About us

Our Company started warm spacers production in 2004.

Features and properties of the Warmex spacers are proved by the time and extreme temperature drops of the sharp continental climate of Russia (temperature changes from - 40°С   to +40°С).

Today the Company’s sales geography includes all territory of Russia and CIS countries; we have been developing partnership relations with foreign partners.

The product is becoming much in-demand, as we continuously improve its features and properties.

Strict quality control ensures that our partners shall receive hi-grade products conforming to all necessary requirements.

We provide profitable and comfort cooperation, the products are always on stock in any required volume. We are interested in our partners being successful, that is why we provide them with the complex support: in sales, promotion, and training.

С 2004 года производим warm edge spacer

> 15 years of experience

since 2004 we have been manufacturing
warm edge spacer

< 200 млн. п. м. произведено дистанционной рамки

Unique park equipment

don't have analogues in Russia

Удобное расположение точек самовывоза в вашем городе!

> 1000 partners

high-profile IGU and window
enterprises of Russia cooperate with Warmex

We are glad to see new partners!
Please, contact us by any way convenient for you, and we will answer all your questions.

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